Industrial Cylinders: Acetylene, High Pressure, Steel, C02, Aluminum

El Dorado Cylinders LLC distributes a varied variety of cylinders. We inventory many sizes of acetylene, steel high pressure cylinders, aluminum industrial cylinders, steel C02 cylinders and aluminum C02 cylinders. We offer competitive pricing and terms.

Our acetylene cylinder costs include the valves. The high pressure steel, C02 cylinders, aluminum industrial cylinders can be sold with or without valve. We offer standard 3/4" CGA540/580 valves at separate cost. We can also quote on any other valves or configurations requested.

Each and every cylinder is manufactured in accordance with US Department of Transportation (DOT) and Transport Canada (TC) requirements and inspected by the US manufacturer.

El Dorado Cylinders LLC offers experienced, qualified warehouse personnel with over 30 years experience in the distribution and application of high pressure industrial cylinders and aluminum cylinders.